Our First Day South

Yesterday we started our adventure traveling the length of the country. Many things happened to set the tone for the trip and also make it more real. Taking off from San Jose airport today almost seemed surreal, I thought, “Are we really doing this?” “Is this really happening?” This trip is going to be a trip of a lifetime and only when we landed in Dallas for our layover the trip snapped into reality for me.

Anyone who still says kindness doesn’t exist should just talk to people. I walked up to a man and started to chat with him. During the conversation, that reached topics from Europe travel to California politics, I thought I will probably never see this man again in my life and yet I will remember this moment. The act of kindness that he put forth to me was a $100 dollar card to the metro in Washington D.C. I had no idea whom this man was in a city I’ve never been to but now I find myself with $100 dollars of his money… That is kindness!

We then got into Memphis Tennessee, almost immediately we found ourselves in our first interview. This was not just an ordinary interview… we were face to face with a man that held Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King in his arms as he died. Rev. Billy Kyles still lives in Memphis and described vividly what happened that dreadful day. While he talked it seemed like he brought us up to that balcony with him, the words and descriptions he used hit us in the most profound way. Today we will go to that balcony and feel the emotions; I think that when we get there the story will be so fresh in our minds that we will almost be able to hear the shot. Rev. Kyles left our interview with and round of applause and pictures galore.

The other minor thing I thought of is that we were in Dallas where JFK was shot and then we came to Memphis where Dr. King was shot. It was like a quick reminder of what we need to remember on this trip.

–Justin Allegri


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  1. What an inspiring act of kindness by the man in Dallas! Just think, if we were all to act like this

    ‘imagine the world we would create!
    Each of us treating strangers
    as our other half,
    where nothing was too much
    for the well-being of another
    and selfishness was forgotten,
    a thing of the past.’
    (from my book ‘Family and More – Enemies or Friends?’)

    Thank you for sharing.

    Helena Harper

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