Emmett Till

By: Jade Ashlee Atkins

When you’re little and you first hear the Emmett Till story, all you can really think is, ‘how sad.’

It isn’t until you are older and understand the torture the boy went through and how those evil men mutilated his body, that you can truly feel deeply saddened. Being at the actual site, where Till had once stood and whistled to a Carolyn Bryant, i couldn’t even speak.

I remember being angry, that we couldn’t go inside the store, which you would never know was once a store due to the fact it looked like a pile of crap.

I so badly wanted to just kick the door in and see a distorted image of what they saw.  I hated that it hadn’t been turned into a historical site, or renovated.  What I hated even more was that I was terrified to run around the building. It was super dark and even if I hadn’t been scared, unless we had shined a huge light on the building there was no way i could have seen anything.

I wanted to go and see every single stop the men made the night they murdered Till.  I wanted to see where they lived, what the cotton-gin looked like, what Mose’s house looked like.  As a journalist it is natural to always want more, and this was one of the those times i wanted everything.

The more i thinkg about it, the more i want to go and meet Mrs. Bryant, who by the way has been married four times.  I knew she was a terrible person, not that people who get divorced are terrible, but FOUR times. Four?  People really can not get along with this woman and sadly she crossed paths with Emmett Till, who again did not get along with her.

Justin Allegri and myself decided that she wasn’t even really all too pretty in the first place.  Oh, and the fact that she has only done one interview ever about the topic, she knows she did something wrong.  She’s dirty.

A truck pulled up to me while we were at the Courthouse where the trial for Emmett Till took place.  I was alone because I wanted to get the Delta Inn, or what was left of it, when it was quiet.  And by the way, anyone who thinks silence is golden has never been black and alone in rural Mississippi.  Anyway, the truck pulled up along side the right of me with two white men inside, it was like a scene out of a movie because both men were staring as if they had never seen a camera before.  The driver asked, “What you got that dang big ol’ camera for?” I answered that I was part of a group, and when i when to point to where the rest of the group was, there was no one there, they had all literally disappeared. Nonetheless, I continued by saying that the van over there is how all the students got here.  While those men scared me to death, I couldn’t smile as the drove away.  They were just simple people. By the time i realized the group was inside the building, I was nearly frozen to death.  It took me a good 5 minutes to figure out that the first floor was not where the group was. Needless to say, i seriously felt like i was in a crazy horror movie.

More later, becasue Dr. Cheers is rushing us out of this building.  For reals this time.


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