Day Three, Second Half by Dovedot-Mississippi to Alabama

Not too long after finishing my previous writing (Day Three, First Half…), still in the local mall in Jackson underneath the two escalators, I received a call from my uncle saying that he saw us on CNN. At the same moment, Justin Allegri received a text from his friend in Hawaii, his girlfriend in New Hampshire, and his brother in California that we were seen on CNN. The whole group seemed stunned and utterly speechless. National television.


We were on national television. Unbelievable.

Then we let out our joy and ecstasy in unison via screams, high-fives, clapping, fist pumps, and congratulations. Soon thereafter, we received a complaint from security that we were upsetting some of the folks on the floor above us because we were creating a ruckus.

Well of course we were. We just made it on national television, and we have been and currently are working at every opportune moment to create, edit, and publish the most pristine and premium work we can produce whilst traveling half the country in a van cramped to the brim with a total of thirteen people and all our luggage to boot; traveling night by night, crossing state to state, to experience and enrich our knowledge of the Civil Rights events that we look back on and try to imagine and immerse ourselves in that time period.

Nick Dovedot

The three Civil Rights Workers that were murdered. Photo Credit: Nick Dovedot


After finishing and needing to leave to get to our next, quick destination of Philadelphia, Mississippi to interview Stanley Dearman, retired editor and publisher of the Neshoba Democrat, we tore off for the first of one of our long drives of the trip to Selma, Alabama.

Once we arrived in Selma and found our hotel, the Comfort Inn, the Justins and I went to our room to think about filling our stomachs with some food. I ran head first into the door because I wasn’t looking. Then we ordered two medium pizzas from Domino’s and a liter of apple juice as the Justins’ began working on their broadcast package and myself making phone calls, sending texts, and emails to organize what had happened over the past hours and what was in store over the next two days.

Nick Dovedot

Stanley Dearman. Photo Credit: Nick Dovedot


Sitting in our hotel room with the Justins’ and Jade (as those three worked on another broadcast package), Justin Perry chimed in as I read out loud, that he’s dubbed me the Human Oxford Dictionary.

I’m looking forward to breakfast.

Night and morning.


Nick Dovedot

Hardee's. Also known as Carl's Jr. for those living in California. Photo Credit: Nick Dovedot


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