Legendary South – Atlanta, Georgia

Today in an interview with SJSU students, Hank Klibanoff, author of “The Race Beat,” described the various aspects of media during the civil rights movements and the similarities and differences of media coverage today.
Klibanoff told students the stories of reporters during the civil rights moments. One story in particular, was of a reporter at a civil rights peaceful demonstration which turned violent. Klibanoff said the reporter was witnessing police beat and brutalize a young man. The reporter intervened and was immediately after approached by Dr. Martin Luther King, who told him never to do such a thing again.
What you did, did not help because you did that no one will ever know, because you put down your camera, no one will know the injustices of that incident, he said. Klibanoff continued to say that Dr. King told the reporter, “My people are trained to resist violence, let them be they know what they are doing.”
Klibanoff said the rule of journalism still remains that we never get involved, we are story tellers. We do not get involved in the news. However, he did say that there are extreme circumstances that may occur when you need to make your own decisions, but those times will be very very rare.
Klibanoff ended the meeting by signing the students’ copies of the “Race Beat.”
– Bianca deCastro in Atlanta, Georgia


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