Day 7 by Dovedot-A Reflective Day

Last night, all of us on this historical journey got some much needed rest. Most of us clocked in 8 to 9 hours of sleep last night. We haven’t gotten nearly that much sleep since we left San Jose. To say the least, it was simply wonderful.

As the title says, it was a reflective day. I don’t say this because the pools of water leading to the graves of Dr. King and Coretta Scott King were frozen and reflected our images on the ice at the King Center in Atlanta, Georgia. I say this because I felt a connection with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Unless I could invent a time machine to transport me back to history’s past, I would never feel as physically close to Dr. King as I felt today.

As I walked through the King Center, I experienced a rush of emotion and chills throughout my body. This rush of emotion also seemed to contain a virtue of patience, reflecting the patience that Dr. King portrayed throughout his life, and patience we’ve all endured while waiting for Dr. King’s dream to become a reality. I began to tear up while reading one of his speeches. Not only from the words that I was reading, but from the passion emitting behind those words. His words were inspiring, and conveyed a personal touch that felt as if he were speaking directly to me. All in all, this visit to the King Center helped to remind me again, of what a great man Dr. King was, and how fortunate I am to be on this historical journey.

We are now five hours north of Atlanta, and situated in a hotel in Burlington, North Carolina (right outside of Greensboro).

Night and morning.



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